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As citizen members of the Restoration Advisory Board - comprised of representatives from U.S. naval agencies, the EPA, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and local citizens - we provide input into the planning and decisions we hope are made concerning the known contamination at the Brunswick Naval Air Station (BNAS). With BNAS's closure in 2011, the need for citizen involvement and oversight has never been greater. Once the BNAS fence comes down and the base property is converted to alternative uses, those 3300 acres become a real, intrinsic part of the Town of Brunswick. BACSE strives to ensure that public notification is ongoing and that the U.S. Navy and the federal government continue to take responsible action to mitigate the environmental risks that have been created here.
The world in human hands
As the community investigates the re-use of this land, we look forward for a very candid discussion about the nature, extent and location of the chemical and environmental risks which exist on this land and for an appreciation for the cost and effectiveness of the remedial actions being taken to address them.  To that end we hope this site will provide links which discuss the nature and extent of Superfund involvement on this property.  In reviewing the information presented throughout this site, we ask you to keep in mind that the Brunswick Naval Air Station has a history of 20 sites in which the Navy, the EPA and Maine Department of Environmental Protection have been actively working towards a cleanup.  Currently 12 of these are active sites of which only 10 have a remedy in place. There are also areas of dumps of Munitions and Explosives of Concern, which have soil samples that show elevated concentrations of mercury and nitrates. 
Since 1987, NAS sites have been remediated through cleanup activities including excavation and source removal, installation of groundwater treatment system and upgrade of underground storage tanks.  Notwithstanding these remediation efforts, most of the base property (including the majority of the land developed by the Navy) has not been tested or assessed for any level of contamination.  Further, the Navy will provide no knowledge as to the existence or location of any nuclear contamination on site.
Knowledge of the existence and location of known (as well as the largely unknown) contamination of the Navy property soon to be placed before the citizens of Brunswick and the State of Maine is an important part of protecting this generation and future generations of Brunswick residents.
All BACSE meetings are open to the public, who are encouraged to attend to discuss ongoing remediation efforts at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. The next meeting will be held March 16 at 4:30 PM at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick.
We also urge you to attend the public meetings of the Restoration Advisory Board. The next meeting has been set for Thursday, September 17, 2015, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM at the Fairfield Inn and Suites at 36 Old Portland Road, Brunswick ME. The meeting is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to participate. Please watch for the Public announcement in the local newspapers to verify the time and meeting location.
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