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As mentioned previously, the purpose of BACSE is to monitor the investigation and remediation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund sites at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. Through the media, participation at public meetings, attendance at events, and door-to-door canvassing, BACSE has worked to educate and involve area people in the effort to obtain a safe and speedy clean-up at the Naval Air Station.
Status of Remediation as of September 2011 (PDF)
A September 2011 BACSE report on the status of remediation at the former Brunswick Maine Naval Air Station.
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Representatives of BACSE meet four time a year with agents of U.S. naval agencies, the EPA, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection through the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) program, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. At these meetings participants review environmental restoration progress, propose recommendations, and plan future public hearings. Information on the RAB Program and the role of the RAB in Brunswick, Maine and nationally can be found at the following:
Restoration Advisory Boards - Introduction and Information(PDF)
Defense Environmental Restoration Program RAB page
RAB Implementation Guidelines

Bart Jansen has written an article on the BNAS cleanup. It appeared in the Portland Press Herald on February 2, 2007 and can be read here:
BNAS cleanup pegged at $16 million(PDF)

The Record of Decision (ROD) is the legal contract for the clean-up of toxic waste.
The overview of the approved remediation plan and the Records of Decision for toxic waste disposal at BNAS can be read here:
BNAS Superfund ROD in PDF format (1.1 Mb) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download Acrobat Reader). Tips for downloading and searching the documents can be found here.
(Indexed files on CD's of the Administrative Records are available at the reference librarian's desk at the  Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, Maine).

A Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format on the Brunswick Naval Air Station and the remediation status in 2006 effort can be accessed at:
RAB Powerpoint Presentation (PDF - 5.62 Mb)

Mike Barry, the EPA's Region 1 project manager since 1994, wrote a farewell memo to those involved in the clean-up effort before his departure. The current project manager is Mike Daly.
Read the memo