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Date:                January 15, 2003

Subject:           Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine Project Farewell and Thanks

From:               Mike Barry/EPA


Most of you are aware that I have been transferred within EPA New England to be an On-Scene Coordinator for Emergency Responses and Removal Actions. This is bittersweet for me as I've been interested in such a role for some time, yet have enjoyed so working with you all on the NAS Brunswick Superfund project team.


I was impressed from the start with high level of teamwork...this has also enabled us to navigate some potentially serious "potholes in the road" whilst both getting the job done...

Some of the unique highlights that I'm especially pleased to have been a part of and will always prize are improvements to Eastern Plume LTMP and Eastern Plume pump and treatment system...our pioneering work on diffusion samplers and...to help address concerns where it would have been difficult for the Navy to fund the work.


Certainly, none of the above would have been possible without your efforts - and though it is less unique;  I'd like to thank you all for your support in achieving all the RODs and PCOR, which allowed us to stay below the head office radar screen and give us some room for professional discretion!


It has truly been a pleasure and privilege to work on the NAS Brunswick project and I thank you all for that opportunity. I wish you all success in your future endeavors and look forward to such a time as our paths may cross again.