Using Google to make precise searches of Wheeler & Wheeler

To make it easier for you to use search engines to find exact words and names in Wheeler and Wheeler, we have placed a special code,

 image of the letters WW1878HBTH

on each web page that is part of the Wheeler and Wheeler project. You can use this code as part of a web search to narrow your results to just the right part of Wheeler and Wheeler.

For example, to find references to Gideon Hinkley, enter the code plus the name, in quotes, into a Google search window:

 [ entering the code and the name into a search engine ]

This will present the following search results:

 [ search results ]

Once you choose a search result to explore, you can use the Edit - Find dialog...

 [ search results ] drill down to the exact location of the name or phrase that you have searched.

 [ search results ]

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