I\'d like to see more events, such as author readings or book discussions, especially in the evenings. Many of the events seem to be during the day, which makes it impossible for people that work to attend. If those are happening already, then perhaps its more of an advertising issue.

I would love to have the audio books have a new \"new\" section to alert us to the wonderful new books you buy. Thanks!

mac computer tech meetups

We\'d like to have more frequent collection days at the Harpswell Town Office. Also, we\'d like to be able to request books via the internet and have them dropped off at the Harpswell Town Office for our pick-up.

I think you have a great variety of books, cd\'s, videos, periodicals and so on - even a telescope! - cannot even think of anything else. this is a great library! Esther Mechler

A used book shop (like the ones in Bath, Boothbay Harbor, Damariscotta)or at the very least a \"section\" of the library where used books are sold. The annual used book sale is great but it only comes once a year. Would love to have something year round.

A drop box that is easily accessible by car like the mailbox across the street one can reach by car

Please return to the purely numerical sequential arrangement of your non fiction books from the annoying breakdown by subjects. Keep it simple folks. If it ain\'t broke, don\'t fix it. I disagree on the drop off of requests at the Harpswell Office. That would mean at least some increase in staffing at the office, and our taxes are already high enough and increasing yearly due to fluff of this nature. An increase in the number of handicap parking spaces near the front door would be appreciated. It\'s a long hike from the back lot. Amen to Esther Mechlers comment. Super library and IT system.

I have a difficult time finding where and how to download audio books on your website. I would like to find a clear and simplified website for cml.

Books! In the center glassed-in section, which was once given over to computers and now to various projects - bring back the books! Everything else is available on line, but books are what the library has that is unique. It is oddly discouraging to have the core of the library, the center, be vacant of books - put the special projects on the periphery, like the computers are now, and put the books back in the center. Just my take on things.

I would like to see a guide, or bulletin board, or some sort of small section, for Brunswick newcomers When i moved here with my husband 4 years ago, we developed a checklist that included how to register to vote, how to register the cars, get a drivers\' license, how to find out what day trash pickup is (and the procedures for trash pickup), where the town office is, where the land-fill is. A single place to learn a lot of this information would be wonderful, and would keep newcomers to Brunswick coming back to the library as an added benefit. It could have not only the things I listed above, and more logistical information, but submissions by library patrons with suggestions for restaurants, the best place to get one\'s car inspected/serviced, activities (go see the Alewives and a link to their web page). It could be in both physical form and on the web site. And, in fact, you could even host a once-a-month (or so) newcomers evening where people can ask questions, and after someone has been here for a year or so, he/she can be asked to emcee one of the evenings.

robot kits for check out

a color printer

As a retired person, I would appreciate a book of the month club in which a literary classic (Moby Dick, Huck Finn, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Faulkner etc. etc.) would be announced for reading and discussion for an afternoon once a month with leadership from a specialist in teaching literature. The Morrell Room is the perfect location for such a conversation/learning experience. One of these sessions might be entitled \"Unlocking the Works of William Faulkner.\" I have never been able to get through one of his books. Or another focus might be on American Literature for a year. But you get the idea. The library is a wonderful asset to the community. My wife and I borrow books monthly. Thank you!! Steve Gray, Brunswick

Books! In the center glassed-in section, which was once given over to computers and now to various projects - bring back the books! Everything else is available on line, but books are what the library has that is unique. It is oddly discouraging to have the core of the library, the center, be vacant of books - put the special projects on the periphery, like the computers are now, and put the books back in the center. Just my take on things.

A more extensive DVD collection of current movies and TV shows, both for kids and adults.

A larger selection of science, nature and history documentary DVD\'s.

I am very grateful to be able to pay to belong to the library even after I moved out of Brunswick/ Harpswell! Thank you.

Continue to make childrens books, graphic novels, and other accessible literature visible in displays that welcome people into a culture of consuming their stories through the resources at a library. I also second an idea I saw below about audio books. I love the section that suggests various types of books and staff picks, having one for audiobooks and movies would be great as well!

A variety of new books that patrons could pay a rental fee, thus we would have more new books available to us. The wait for a new book can sometimes be months.

Maps for cars and bike travel. More music CDs. A computer in a prominent place to help locate books (Dewey Dec System)in the library. More book discussion groups. Including a book of the month discussion group for classics. More library and community book recommendations and quick reviews....even if it is a notation that a book is 4 of 5 stars. No organizing by subject! No mystery section! What is the diff between a mystery and a fiction novel? Only can get lost on the shelf.

A return to the Dewey Decimal System rather than the \"bookstore\" system of subject areas for nonfiction.

I would like my library card to be good at other libraries in Maine. When I move to Rockland for the summer I have to buy a card every year.

I do a lot of driving and would love to see more audio books on the shelves so I can make use of that time...the radio only goes so far...but love Curtis Memorial.

I would love to see a 3D printer (Makerbot Replicator or CubePro) available for public use.

1. A better, more user-friendly file of maps, especially of Brunswick region and Maine. 2. More Maine books. 3. More audio books.

1.I would like to see more of a music book section---piano song books? 2.community groups night? where cyclists, art groups, knitters, writers, birding groups, ongoing community events.. are represented---each have a table? As a newcomer to Brunswick, it would be really nice to know what different sorts of things are happening here. I seem to find out, or see a post, right after an event has happened. Events are in a LOT of different places.

More large print books.

I have never loved a library as much as I love Curtis Memorial Library. As someone who drives a lot for work, I listen to many audiobooks. I have listened to a LOT of your audiobooks and would love to have even more at my fingertips. I think that it would also be wonderful to have a special procedure for returning books on CD that are scratched. I always check out more audiobooks than I know I will listen to because some are inevitably quite scratched. I always intend to tell the check-out librarian that I am returning a scratched CD but sometimes forget or am in a hurry and don\'t have time to stand in line to talk to someone. Something simple like a stack of post-it-notes and a pen available for people to write a note and stick it to the CD case would be great.

In general - I love Curtis Library. Thanks for all you do & provide. Ample parking. Lack of parking is always problematic, especially when there are talks or meetings at the Library. This issue has turned people away on numerous occasions. Seems unfair somehow. Also, a larger & more current selection of audiobooks would be great. It seems new audiobooks are rarely purchased. Thanks for asking.

More recent DVD movies, especially those that were Golden Globe or Academy Award winners. Maybe put them in a \"NEW\" section either in the DVD section or the NEW books room.

MUCH more parking! Less space for Handicapped (more than 1/2 the front lot!

Math, science, and other subject manipulatives for homeschooling or just teaching your kids in general.

Larger graphic novels and comics sections. Curtis has been doing an admirable job of building its collections in this medium, but I\'d like to see even more.

A community version of Staff Picks: a forum like GoodReads, only local.

Musical instruments for borrowing.

A few quiet areas designated for phone calls, maybe some of the study rooms upstairs? Maybe that would help people talk less on their phones in other parts of the library? P.S. If I don\'t get a chance in somewhere else in the survey, thank you for lighting the fire sometimes in the room with the leather chairs -- it is SO cozy and inviting.

used sheet music or old piano books Return to Dewey Decimal system.

Would love to see free fitness classes offered at the library. for both adults and kids. Maybe work with Michelle Obama \"Let\'s Move\" program for kids?

Would love to see free fitness classes offered at the library. for both adults and kids. Maybe work with Michelle Obama \"Let\'s Move\" program for kids?

it\'s quite minor.. but more handicapped parking - OR some way to get into the building- closer to the big parking lot. It\'s a looooooong walk from there to a useable door.

1) cooking classes 2) game nights 3) Sewing lessons/classes (with sewing machines) 4) Art classes (adults)

I\'ve wondered for years (and have in fact asked a couple of times without getting a substantive answer) why the library has such a great and constantly growing assortment of new books but rarely has, as far as I can tell, any new music CDs. I recognize that by now CDs are about as \"over\" as video cassettes and will probably need to be retired. So maybe it\'s become a moot point....

more current non-fiction audio books about animals and medicine

I wish that you would carry more gay and lesbian nonfiction literature. There is actually quite an LGBT community in the area, yet you really have very little to offer. I am very knowledgeable about the issue and if you want suggestions for titles or authors, feel free to contact me.

The new numbering system seems strange, though maybe I\'m just being backward because of its unfamiliarity. But to me, so far, the fact that I can look up a book at, say, 401.3434 Ka and NOT be able to find it by cruising along the stacks in an orderly fashion toward the 400\'s is just....weird. What\'s the advantage to you or anyone?

The Collaboratory is great. Thanks for plunging into it. I\'d suggest more science-oriented exhibitions. We seem to be living in an era when some people are forgetting, if they ever knew, that science is a matter of reality-oriented facts, common sense, judgment and logic, not of uninformed axe-to-grind opinions.

Book swap shelves for paperbacks and bestsellers. The booksale is but once a year, and this would allow readers to share their books continuously. Portland places some book swap shelves at coffee houses and other public places, and Curtis could do that, too, if the main library is not the right place for it.

I would love to see more art instruction books on painting. Acrylic and watercolor specifically and also on sketching. There is a limited selection for an area full of budding artists. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Do something with the wonderful colorful drawings Olga Pastuchiv, children\'s book author and illustrator, is doing in peekable places all over the library…possibly a children\'s treasure hunt of sorts that they could do on their own or something - see how many they can find. They are so well done and well placed that something should be done with them.

I may not be helping out with my response, nevertheless, I find whatever I need when I go to the Curtis Library! You provide a wonderful service, even though, as a now former resident of Brunswick, I have to pay an annual fee. This is not currently a deterrent for me. Susan C. Matthews

Once or twice a month \"gathering\" (in a space where beverages can be consumed). Purpose? Select a topic/author/style of book that like minded individuals can discuss. Hopefully, leading to an exposure to new books to try...and just plain learning! Topics could include genealogy research, info on small solar items, needle arts, building a patio,(or picnic table), mystery books, historical fiction, biographies, etc. Perhaps one of the gatherings could be hosted by library management. It would be informative to discover what projects Curtis is undertaking and even a list of offerings you offer to the community. If not a community gathering, then a brochure that lists what programs are available and a contact we can speak to if we have specific questions? (reading these suggestions...I only just discovered there is piano music!) Curtis is a GREAT place to gather (for those of us that are creative in finding parking) to learn and share. We have a huge number of professional and creative members who might be willing to share their knowledge about specific subjects....great community service!

More older books in better shape!


1.) Movies and educational materials in VHS format 2.) Comfortable (and safe) chairs for the computers 3.) Remove and replace obstructive information kiosk at front entrance. 4.) Enforce \"whisper only\" policy by removing offenders 5.) Music performances once a month (donation accepted) 6.) Redesign check-out counter area so that patron line does not obstruct those patrons passing through. 7.) Build a dedicated I.T. wing of the library, to get the computers out, they are cramped, few and inaccessible.

I think the Library is WONDERFUL! But it is sometimes frustrating for me as a reader of intelligent literature (fiction and non fiction) to pile thru all the \"lesser than\" books trying to find something new to read. I enjoy the staff\'s picks...but maybe getting reviews from a very thoughtful source ...New York Review or better...and then have a section of these books with the review. You could call it \"The Egg Head\" section. OOoohh that would be so exhilarating. thank you for asking. Sending the questions this way wold be best for me...thanks Stephanie Rayner

More audiobooks, while I do have an audible account, I try to check out as many as I can so I can use the audible account for newer releases that would take a while to show in the shelves. More of the programing in the evening. I am not retired, but some of the programs that I have an interest in are only mid-day.

I think your services are great. Joe

I would love to see the library to have a closer link to the Brunswick public schools and provide resources/classes/special workshops in literary studies and critical thinking for advanced readers. Currently, the elementary schools have limited to no resources for those children who are well above the curve in reading and literature, but just below the cut off for Gifted & Talented programming. The library could be a wonderful partner to the schools in this area.

I don\'t like how the nonfiction has been broken up by genre. I understand that there are cross genre\'s in Fiction and Nonfiction but I would like to find all of the diet books together not spread-out. The same with other nonfiction categories. The upstairs Non-fiction is too confusing. The other thing that I think would be great, is to weed out some of the older books in the non-fiction. Some are old, torn and smelly and have old check out slips in them. Mac computer tech meetups would be great. Wordpress or creating and perfecting blogs tech meetups. A Drop box in the parking lot.

A Coffee By Design café.

Multiple book clubs.


Tools to check out, the kinds of things you might use occasionally but don\'t need to own yourself (Burlington, VT public library has great tool check-out)

Workshops on the newer technologies ie. smart phones, i-pads etc.

A section that resembles the \"Staff Picks\" area, but for recent books recvommended by the New York Review of Books, or BookPage (the publication we find for free in Curtis). Often, in BookPage, I find a book I\'d like to read, but unless I carefully check the New Books room, I may miss it entirely. Also, go back to the regular Dewey Decimal system. It\'s annoying to look up a few books with numbers only a few digits apart, but with the \"Neighborhoods\" arrangement, they may be many shelves away.

Please go back to the Dewey Decimal System. I spend a lot of time trying to find a book guessing if it is philosophy, religious or self-help/aka psychological..... Even looking on the carts of recently returned books and the new book section is frustrating. Could we get more current DVD movies in Spanish. I don\'t know how many people are actually studying Hindi but by the number of movies from India, you would think it was the dominant 2nd language.

A Maker Space

More current books.

Access to subscription education websites like Lynda.com (thanks for the two-week trial!) and more of The Teaching Company\'s \"Great Courses\" series on CD. But this is like asking for \"extra sprinkles\" on a double hot-fudge sundae -- I am very happy with Curtis.

I would like to see the large-print collection continue to expand. Also, it seems like most times there are more library patrons than parking spaces.

Zinio for Libraries. To borrow magazines electronically. Marilyn Strout, Harpswell

I\'d like to see a drive up drop box! Trying to find parking is always an issue. More parking spaces would be helpful.

More contemporary comedies ( film)


More DVDs maybe you could share with Freeport? They have an extensive DVD collection. Other than that, I love Curtis and the librarians are all stellar human beings!

I would like to second this suggestion: \"Please return to the purely numerical sequential arrangement of your non fiction books from the annoying breakdown by subjects. Keep it simple folks. If it ain\'t broke, don\'t fix it.\" Agreed!!! The new arrangement of the non-fiction titles actually makes books MORE difficult to find. Please return to the old system. Using the old Dewey Decimal system, if someone knows the alphabet and can count from 1-10, they can find a book. Using the new system, it\'s a matter of wandering around and trial and error.

Actually, the library has everything I need, at least at this point. I consider it an excellent resource. Noticed someone below suggested adding a tool library. I once lived in Berkeley, CA, where there was one, and it was exceedingly helpful, but I wouldn\'t recommend one at Curtis unless it were in a soundproof room. I appreciate all efforts to make the library a quiet place!

Please return to the Dewey-Decimal system. The stickers are a solution in search of a problem. Discard defective audio CDs. It is very annoying to get halfway through a book and find the rest garbled or inaudible because of scratches. How about giving local authors a prominent display now and then? Right now they are hidden in a corner.

More private, comfortable, exclusive reading areas which would encourage \"in library\" use rather than an in and out habit. A difficult task you have given as so much of the Curtis Library\'s functioning would be hard to improve. WHJ

A better lounge area with couches and or comfy chairs perhaps a gas firplace. Do you even have magazines? If so a more prominent display area. I also agree that the new filing system of non-fiction was an unnecessary and confusing change.

More Amateur Radio material that is not from ARRL. More electronic material and more relevant programming material.

Wow, I read down the list of ideas and suggestions, some very interesting, many valid suggestions for making Curtis Library even better than it is already. I disagree about giving up handicapped spaces out front, we need those spots for folks as I saw in comment further down. On a practical note, I would like to see some handy spot near check out to be able to organize one\'s books before leaving. Also I like Collaboratory, though it appears to be time consuming in preparation and perhaps costly, should subjects be changed after two months instead of one month?

1. Drive-up book drop 2. New and more advanced books on beading (for adults). Beading books have patterns and beadweavers like to have access to lots of different patterns. 3. cafe 4. needlework, etc groups/classes 5. Updated audiobooks

Resources for home schoolers including Maine Chickadee Award booklet (to circulate) and Maine Student Book Award resources

More parking, please!

I would like to see the library offer books, magazines & newspaper digitally either through a secure site or via download from the library. This would allow people who prefer to read via tablet, IPad or Kindle the option to do so, while accessing local library services. This would hopefully allow access to newer release of books as the current selection is small & most time extremely high in demand. Each household could have an account with sub accounts for each person in the household, and if there were built in intelligence that would recommend other books, magazines & newspaper articles based on past reading history, would be extremely useful in deciding what you would like to read next. Finally to help in the cost of this technology advertising could be built in to the site where local retail, restaurant & other businesses could pay for ads. However too many ads would deter people from using this and the goal is to promote reading & provided a wider range of knowledge of what is going on locally & around the world. Extend hours is the summer would greatly be appreciated as that is when myself & others do a larger majority of reading.

So glad to read about e-magazines in the newsletter! Looking forward to a more user-friendly interface than Marvel.

I would like to see the library offer books, magazines & newspaper digitally either through a secure site or via download from the library. This would allow people who prefer to read via tablet, IPad or Kindle the option to do so, while accessing local library services. This would hopefully allow access to newer release of books as the current selection is small & most time extremely high in demand. Each household could have an account with sub accounts for each person in the household, and if there were built in intelligence that would recommend other books, magazines & newspaper articles based on past reading history, would be extremely useful in deciding what you would like to read next. Finally to help in the cost of this technology advertising could be built in to the site where local retail, restaurant & other businesses could pay for ads. However too many ads would deter people from using this and the goal is to promote reading & provided a wider range of knowledge of what is going on locally & around the world. Extend hours is the summer would greatly be appreciated as that is when myself & others do a larger majority of reading.

A larger selection of good audiobooks

more evening book groups

more evening book groups

A larger and wider selection of audio-books -- especially of fiction and non-fiction for those of us who aren\'t fans of thrillers and murder mysteries.

A PERMANENT adult fiction section dedicated to science fiction.

On line movie downloads --- similar to e-book downloads

A cafe would be great. More parking. Access to the garden and back door.

A travel library stocked by residents with extensive travel experience who are willing to serve as mentors or participate in a travel blog/discussion on areas they are familiar with. Brunswick has many experts on unusual destinations they visit sometimes several times a year. Whether the Caribbean, California, Western Canada, Europe, or even Asia and Africa; you can find someone who is an expert on a particular region. People who travel often have extensive collections of reference maps and books they are willing to donate and even lead a discussion group. I can do Vancouver, Quebec region, N.Y. Finger Lakes & 400 wineries, New Mexico, Asheville; AnnaMaria/Sarasota/Venice region of Florida, and even Switzerland. Whether travel modes; interesting week/weekend drives from Brunswick; tips on finding decent safe places to stay; dealing with emergencies like health in a Swiss Mountain with no physician but a very informative pharmacy; and the best airports to fly in and out of....Sarasota...out in under 10 min! or best/worse hubs. Lots to share for active 50+ people who don\'t mind walking, hiking, kayaking, and unusual travel adventures. Do\'s and don\'ts using AirBnB; learn what shoulder season is; the iPHONE traveler; health preservation, etc. \"UNEXPECTED TRAVEL PLANS ARE DANCING LESSONS FROM GOD\", K.V.

Writing clubs for kids like a \"young authors club\"

drive up book drop

free passes to the maine botanical gardens...you used to have them :)

robotics clubs for kids

So glad to read about e-magazines in the newsletter! Looking forward to a more user-friendly interface than Marvel.

more parking space! and parking rule reinforced! I often see a car parked at no parking space which makes difficult and unsafe to maneuver around parking space at front. Also there are cars being parked well more than 5 minutes at 5 minute lots. Back parking lot is not exclusively for library and quite often it fills right up.

A better and more current selection of movies on DVD to check out.

This may not belong at the library, but I\'d love to be able to have a cup of coffee! Sit, sip and read! Love the staff, patient and help-FULL! Thanks for asking.

A cafe, or at least coffee/tea. And longer evening hours in the winter (until 9:00) for a place to read and relax after work and dinner.

Downloadable magazines ... but a dream? Possibly more updated arts/craft books. I think Harpswell patrons can get to the library to pick up materials; library is open more often that the town offices are. (Harpswell resident)

Downloadable magazines ... but a dream? Possibly more updated arts/craft books. I think Harpswell patrons can get to the library to pick up materials; library is open more often that the town offices are. (Harpswell resident)

Great selection of books -- and if you don\'t have it, can get it through Minerva! What I\'d like to find -- is the book that I had set out to find >> Instead of telling CML to go back to old ways (as many prior posts have), I\'d ask what CML can do to ease the transition for the non-fiction books from DD to neighborhood sorting. I\'ve done some frustrated wandering trying to find a specific book and could not figure out where the heck it was since no longer in dewey decimal format. I can see why the neighborhoods are useful, especially for browsers or those new to libraries. And I admit I persisted to find my book that I had looked up at home, but I was cursing under my breath and finally had to ask for help -- wasted time in my day on several occasions. I\'d second the \"A travel library stocked by residents with extensive travel experience...\" post. Extra programming can be nice -- but I know it can be a huge burden on staff. What really is missing if we look at the current/ future needs (not just wants) of this community?

Audio books and a section alerting patrons of new additions to the collection.

An art room that has sinks, a stove top, large tables. A place where fiber artists can teach wet felting, knitting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, sewing, doll making, holiday decorations, etc.

A lot of scrap paper/pencil stations to jot things down like book titles, quotes, ideas, etc. would be appreciated. More CD\'s - I recently took 3 out and 2 skipped. Most looked very used. I miss the Mid-Coast reads that were held during the winter months. \"Grapes of Wrath\" one winter was most memorable! I\'ve never loved a library like I do Curtis- Thanks for all you do!

any chance for a regular space for art craft. 1. For instance since i downsized i gave my sewing machine to the kids and then got on a \'remaking\' kick and sewed for the last 2 months with a needle and thread. I realized there are people like me who need to sew sometimes and also don\'t have a sewing machine. 2. same space for making books. from primitive cardboard and glue to real ones.

Meet Up spot and a spot on the library web page. There is a need for a divorced moms group since Women, Work and Community stopped Displaced Homemakers a long time ago.

Brunswick Landing Library Annex.

I would like to find a bigger selection of audio books. I listen to audio books in my car all of the time and I would like to have more choices of books to listen to.

Make book recommendations based on preferences. Bring in more local authors to discuss their books and the writing process. Have a section of the website/newsletter where CML patrons review a recent read and why they loved it.

1. Auto email reminder when library card needs to be renewed. With a form to update name, address, etc. to renew. 2. Auto email reminder when ebook I\'ve checked is coming due. With form to renew if book is not on hold for someone else.

You may have this, but I haven\'t seen it: The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook by Susan Briscoe. Also, inter-library loan system is so easy and efficient. However, sometimes I\'m confused as to whether something is in when I haven\'t received an email, but when I go to your website under my account it says \"on hold\". Not sure what that means. Otherwise it\'s a marvelous library! Keep up the great work and thank you for this opportunity.

More e-books!

1. Filing of audio books similar to Dewey Decimal system. 2. Drop book for return of books without getting out of my car (similar to post office drop box across the street). 3. Simplify method of checking out ebooks books. The many steps and glitches in Adobe Reader and Overdrive are a real impediment.

I find a preponderance of popular, best selling titles rather than serious literary or scholarly reading.

More Salman Rushdie on CD

I love our library! I believe it is set up well and offers a variety of activities/programs for all ages! That being said, maybe a few more toys in the children\'s activity place (already has some puppets and blocks) so that when families come in with children of varying ages, the younger ones will have a wider variety of items to use/play with that will help prolong the amount of time the family can stay. The only other issue I feel is parking! I am not sure how that can be resolved but bringing younger children to the library can be a bit tricky if you can\'t find a parking space!

I would like to see more copies of books on the best seller lists! I do appreciate your willingness to get books from other libraries - thanks!

I thought I couldn\'t think of anything else I wanted, but some of the suggestions from others are quite worthy -- tool library, e-magazines, and more comfy chairs for reading all sound great. And more book discussion groups and author visits would be wonderful too. I understand the Friends\' Book Store is on the way and although my family probably thinks it would just be enabling my book addiction, I think it\'s a great idea. Coming here from Minnesota, the idea that struck me most was the one to have shared library cards throughout the state, or at least regionally. Sometimes it would be faster for a patron to go to Topsham or Bath or Freeport to borrow a book rather than wait for it to come via ILL. Then again, the Minerva system probably has a smaller carbon footprint than having us all driving around picking up books. (In MN, one can pick up a book in St Paul and return it in Minneapolis, to be returned using the ILL trucks.) Keep up the good work!

I\'d like to watch shows, educational specials that are on DVDs from my iPad. I would like to open to your site and watch shows, movies , whatever from my home. I\'m kinda housebound, and this would open the world back up to me, as well as everyone else in harpswell, brunswick. School kids would log onto your server and watch what the teacher requested.i know Netscape and Hulu does a little of this, but not educational materials.

Find e way to bring people together. Sonehow establish informal book clubs that can meet quarterly on a book. There can be many of these as everyone does not have the same taste in books

The library is fine. Just wish on books people could take for two weeks instead of three.

Lots of public libraries that I have been in have a lounge area with soft chairs / couches where patrons can enjoy a beverage, snack, and/or conversation. I know that there is the room in front of the circulation desk, but it\'s not especially warm and inviting; it\'s not a place where I would spend much time or choose to meet with a friend or two. To be clear, I don\'t think the library needs to offer a cafe or coffeehouse services. I\'d just like to see a space like the front of the Little Dog or Bohemian Coffee House where I could bring my own beverage/snack and enjoy a relaxing 20 or 30 minutes with a book or a friend or two. It might be as simple as changing the furniture in the space in front of the circulation desk where the \"one week loaners\" are currently shelved. I would also like to see a much larger community bulletin board. The one by the front door is always so full that I can\'t post anything there. The one time I did manage to wedge something in (with staff permission), my item was removed the next day. Perhaps the library could create a virtual bulletin board to be linked to the website as well.

More audio books, ideally that can be shared electronically.

It would be nice if the library had more e books and newer e books.

Easier parking for people who work and just want to run in to pick up books on their lunch hour.

Does the Library meet my needs? The newe shelving system is confusing. The library seems to be modelling itself on a bookstore, which is not a good model for people who actually want to find specific books.

My immediate thought was that the opening hour of 9:30 is too late. For those readers whose work days are different from the usual ones, an earlier opening would be a great help. I\'m also confused what the area that used to be for computers is hard to understand. My biggest concern is that since I am VERY hard of hearing and have two hearing aids, any meeting such as that for mystery fans is impossible for me to attend. there is a system called T-coil that could be installed in one room so that those of us with this disability could tune in on our hearing aids. Information can be found at http://www.assist2hear.com/loop-systems-residential-commercial Susan Jowett

When I moved here 6 years ago I thought I had died and gone to heaven to find such a wonderful library. I love it. It would be nice if there was a place for a Keurig coffee pot (with a place to pay for your coffee) and a couple of nice soft chairs where you could read. Thanks for being such a great library.

Please return to the Dewey Decimal System for Non-Fiction!

The library is wonderful! The only critcism would be that some of the books are in poor condition and at the very least need cleaning. My mother used to volunteer at Scarborough library and they cleaned book jackets weekly.

Greater selection of audio books on CD to check out (as in, we use \'em in the car on trips). Also, I always feel that the books on technical subjects, from antiques to computers, is behind the times, so would love to see more current editions in these areas.

Again, more current editions of books in technical subjects. I always come to CML to look for books on subjects I\'m interested in or need help with, but often find the selection very dated. In some subjects, VERY very dated!

As a new Brunswick resident I am very impressed with the resources available at Curtis Memorial. I don\'t find anything wanting.

Today\'s (4/7) request is about readers -- (jus\' give me more TIME!!!), but I didn\'t respond, yesterday. I have already (last week) let Jessica know of my hope that, along with the games and puzzles (want more time, for them, too!!!) I HOPE that the manipulative toys (and display boards, etc.) that the Children\'s desk sometimes has \"out\" for the youngsters\' investigations, might become available to the patrons, as well... ?with related book lists? a la the themed book bags???

I would like to find a cleaner environment. The furniture and the computer keyboards have a black grub on them. It appears they are never cleaned. This is not healthy or safe, and surprises me, as so much IS done well at Curtis.

For me at my age (70\'s) I can say that the library meets all of my needs. In this regard I consider a special blessing the ability to requisition various books from libraries throughout the State of Maine. Keep up the good work. Ray Richard

I agree with the person who mentioned the glassed in area in the center of the main floor. I\'m not really sure what it\'s purpose is. I also read large print books so keeping a good selection of those books is important to me. In general though I am happy with the services provided by the library. It is heartwarming to see so many people using the services any time I go in.

I think the library is full, organized, pleasant and welcoming. You do a wonderful thing! Thank you!!! I\'d like access to more faith/religious movies, audio, and books both for children and adults.

I love the idea below of having a used book sale on a regular basis! The one Curtis has is SO big--really overwhelming. This would allow us to browse more completely and at our leisure--great idea! And I think you would get constant donations--I know I have given away really fine books elsewhere as I needed to get rid of them sooner. I thnk it would also get more people into Curtis to browse the stacks as well.

More audio books, and greater variety.

a large color scanner

More western fiction on e-books and large print A waste basket for candy wrappers. softer chair to sit on. More Western Fiction on CD\'s Pay Machine for hot coffee A sign on the Front door \"Welcome to Wonderland\"

Have coffee available in the library Old/New movies / old/ new books Sesame Street books in the past and new bird books.

old comic books including mickey mouse club / annette comic books /

1) Coffee? Would be nice to do it in a way that benefits rather than take away from / compete with a local coffee place. BTW - we love the library. 2) Anyway to get my 13 yr old son back in the library & reading more frequently too.

Interested to borrow DVD =or= Cassette - subject small bird care\\training. It appears such a DVD is hard to come by. Donald J. Schroeder.

I heard of a library that once a year provided a shredding service for patrons. I\'d certainly use it if available!

How about separate sections for different types of fiction? A sci-fi section, a fantasy section, etc. Also - maybe a food course of some sort for teens, young adults, or just people who don\'t know where to start to eat healthier. There are lots of cookbooks and nutrition guides upstairs, but no real guidance on how to figure out what works best for individuals.

First, thank you for this excellent library. One recommendation - that the computer / copying section be moved back downstairs where it used to be. It is easier on older folks who would prefer not to navigate the stairs.

I cannot think of another thing the library can do for me . It is the most perfect of places . I love it and I thank you.

Curtis Library needs more handicapped parking spots. Maine is an aging state(and I am one of the aged, 85.) - Rosann Wade

Warm(er) H20 bathroom sinks : ) cooler H20 in drinking fountains : ) Movies once a week during the winter! Been to a few in Bath and its a good cabin fever/monotony/ snowed in days reliever. Library card holder here since 1962.

Libraries should encourage more use by local kids by remaining open during special holidays: Pres. Day, Mem. Day, Patriots Day, MLK Day, etc. Special programs for those days would enhance appreciation for meaning of tradition and holidays as well as giving kids a place to go. (Exceptions: Christmas and Easter) Library staff not getting holiday time off? As many local businesses and services do. Staffing could be rotated throughout the year so that not everybody works all those special days. On days when schools are closed, you could have a captive audience.

Artist and crafters unite teach classes or give lectures or do showings

Monya Robertson I think it would be great to have a cafe in the library, similar to this one: http://hstrial-thelibrarycafe.homestead.com/

Whatever happened to the travel library, where travelers can share their experiences on cruises, unusual destinations and updates on old favorites? We know some areas of Florida, i.e. Venice/AnnaMaria/Sarasota very well; New Mexico; finger lakes, Vancouver region. As a place to meet and store collections of current literature and tips on BnB shopping, AIR BNB vs. cottage vacations vs. local brokers, etc. Brunswick needs a travel center. Now is the time for people to share their experiences, esp. w/ Central America, Caribean, and Europe or unusual destinations in the U.S. WYOMING anyone?

This is a great way to get us involved! Its funny how I avoided the new middle room as I have been so used to not walking through there. I did take a gander and I liked it!

I am an out-of-town library user having had paid library cards for some years (15?) I find the library to be a good place to work quietly. Also, Curtis Memorial is my constant source of audio books. Suggestions: Call for a discussion by users regarding what audio books to buy. Except for Shakespeare plays, you have few usable sets when an author has written a series.

I speak to the dates & times of events or meetings, primarily. It would be fun to have a couple of walking tours of neighborhoods here in Brunswick; perhaps starting with a short visual presentation of the specific blocks to be seen; then walking to see the buildings & noting how they have changed.

It would be nice if the beautiful wood entrance doors could be sanded and refinished. Maybe by a volunteer wood worker (or two).

I am an out-of-town library users having had paid library cards for some 15 years. I find the library to be a good place to work quietly. also, Curtis Memorial is my constant source of audiobooks. Suggestion: Call for a discussion by users regarding what audio books to buy. Except for Shakespeare plays, you have few usable sets when an author has written a series.

To make a section for coming Baby Boomers and health issues, food, and mindfullness well being. We are of a different group of seniors. More day lectures / Science and our Earth

Collaborative Art Workshops with students (young and old) with artist mentors

Have more music during the day for all ages. Have an art show for developmentally challenged adults. Art classes also.

A costume competition and parties

New software to show books you have read.

A board space, or monthly article on intelligent, useful ideas about how to live as a citizen of a town - like Brunswick - things residents can be aware of and contribute to.

Mystery Series Book Group

My sister's kepeer. My sister's kepeer is an amazing book!! I am reading it right now and am almost done. There are only positive things to say about this book. However, there are cuss words in this book, just so you all know. If you are looking for an amazing book, then I would recommend this book to everyone!! I am ,like, in love with this book <3 . If you need a book to read to meet your A/R goal then I would read this book. This book is a little bit longer, but it is totally worth it!! This book is 18.00 points. And I believe it is a 5.6 range, but I could be wrong. Thank you for reading this!! Leave a comment

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